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 August 22, 2021 Full Mag Staff


One homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona was able to fight back against several home invaders after spotting them on his doorbell camera.

Around 4AM on August 12th, 4 men approached the home of an Arizona man with the intent to break in and rob her or worse. One of the thieves spotted the doorbell cam and decided to proceed but only after covering his face. The 4 men quickly broke the door down and rushed inside where the homeowner was waiting. The homeowner fired several shoots at the men and they quickly fled to a nearby getaway vehicle where they pulled out and drove away.

No arrests have been made despite the men being caught on video, it is also unclear if any of the would-be thieves were injured in the ordeal.

As crime rates soar in America, many Americans are being left to their own devices. The Black Lives Matter movement has successfully defunded police departments and progressive prosecutors are dropping cases across the country, with all this in mind Americans are being left to defend themselves and we are seeing massive jumps in gun ownership once again.